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New Blogger 3 Column Minima Template (Update)

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This template has many great features:

- Three-column Template with its fixed width (main: 520px; each sidebar: 220px).
- Expandable post with Peekaboo view hacked by Ramani (Hackosphere).
- Button AddThis! Social Bookmark and Feed button below each post.
- Expand/Collapse link list on the sidebar.

How to post in Peekaboo view?

Step 1: Sign in to Blogger account, click on Settings tab and choose Formatting.

Step 2: Scroll your mouse, copy and paste this code into Post Template box:

Beginning of the post here
<span id="fullpost">
Rest of the post here.

Step 3: Now you create a new post and click on Edit HTML tab, you must type your post in this structure.

How to use an Expand/Collapse link list?

<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="expandcollapse('UNIQUENAME1')"> [+/-] Category</a>
<ul id="UNIQUENAME1" class="texthidden">
<li><a href="Link1">Name's Link 1</a></li>
<li><a href="Link2">Name's Link 2</a></li>

Post this code in HTML/JavaScript widget on your sidebar.

Download here (.rar file)

How to install the template?


Firstly, you must sign in to Blogger account and follow these steps below to install the template.

Step 1: Click on Template tab and choose Edit HTML

Step 2: Browse a template saved on your PC before and click on the button Upload to finish.

New Blogger 3 Column Minima Template

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New Minima Template with 3 column.

Download here